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Wearing dinner is not a good look, especially when you have guests round. There they are, sitting smiling on your sofa and knocking back the gin, and you come staggering in covered in prawns, gravy and bits of banana. This is where our protective aprons come in handy. Before flinging prawns, gravy and banana round the kitchen you haul on an apron. That way, when you make your dramatic entrance to announce dinner is served, the menu is still a secret. If you don’t have a protective apron handy they’ll be wondering where else the prawns landed.
Protective Aprons For Labs and other jobs which need Protective Aprons
You see how we look after your interests? Keen to maintain your standing in the local community, we want to minimise the muckiness of your attire and keep your prawns out of your pockets by providing you with the protective apron that you need. Not only that but our protective aprons bring zing and verve to your kitchen experience. Better than tucking a bin liner into your belt, anyway. – What – Should we have just written boring protective aprons section as our introduction text?

The Romans are coming! (sorry old news)

The Romans wore aprons for 2 main reasons,the first and most obvious was they wore a piece of cloth attached to their belt during the processing and cooking of food.Secondly the Roman Soldier wore aprons as a status symbol and … Continue reading

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Review of Test Product (please ignore) a Novelty Apron

Aprons Online’s review of Test Product (please ignore) – It’s Good Here is Aprons Online’s review of Test Product (please ignore). Test product, please ignore Price*: £20.00 Buy Test Product (please ignore) *Price correct at time of writing

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