Childrens Red Polka Dot Apron


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Get your mucky pups this Children's Red Polka Dot Wipe Clean Apron

A jam sandwich with Grass Cuttings? Certainly madam. Let me just put on my Red Polka Dot Kids Apron and then you can give me seventy five pounds please.See how easy it is to engage in role play with your children when they are tied into a wipe-clean protecting device? They can construct mud pies, squidge raw pastry and paint everything in blue poster paint, but their T shirts will remain pristine and their shorts squeaky clean. Great Keep Clean Childs Apron.

Pretty nifty to take to school too, so they can launch themselves into sandpits, water fountains, paint pots and more mud and still be relatively clean when you pick them up. All the Red Polka Dot Kids Wipe Clean Apron needs is a good old wipe down or a rinse under the tap and it is good to go.

Childrens Red Polka Dot Apron Information

  • The Childrens Apron for Cooking or Painting is a polka dot apron for kids!
  • This Kids Apron is plastic coated for extra protection and easy to clean
  • Features a Front pocket
  • This kids apron measures approx 42cm x 52cm without the straps
  • suitable for ages 3-7

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